About Marci

Marci Lebowitz HeadshotDuring Marci’s expansive autism career, she has worked in private practice, hospitals, a prison medical facility (whoa!), outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and schools. She has worked throughout the United States, England, Ireland, and Kenya, Africa.

Her specialties culminated when she worked in the most restrictive educational environment for The Menta Group as the school’s innovative occupational therapist! There, she refined her skills as, “The Mary Poppins of Autism” by developing nonverbal communication systems, behavior management systems, powerful sensory calming strategies, and alternatives to physical restraints.

Marci is the author of:

The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Autism: A mindful Approach for Helping Your Child Focus and Succeed


A Parent’s Guide To Relating To, Understanding And Communicating With Your Autistic Child and Relating With Autism For Educators, Therapists and Medical Professionals.

She is a dynamic speaker and loves educating autism parents, extended families, and professionals. She focuses on the underlying causes of challenging behaviors, distinguishing between tantrums, sensory overload and meltdowns and how to have fun with your child with autism! Marci is a featured writer for My Autism Team, We Are Beautiful Magazine, and The Autism Notebook.

In Marci’s international private practice, she offers loving support for families in her online training programs, her three day Comprehensives, and professional consulting in autism classrooms for therapists and medical professionals. Marci provides successful alternatives to physical managements and restraints through the use of her Sensory Overload System (SOS)™. The focal point of Marci’s work is teaching parents and professionals how to use nonverbal intuitive communication to better understand the needs of not-so-verbal and nonverbal autistic children.

“Hi, I’m Danelle. As the parent of a four year old child with severe autism. I know how hard this path we walk can seem. It feels that there is always so much to learn and do, and what seems like not enough hours in the day. That’s why I am here to offer you a life preserver, Marci Lebowitz. She has been able to give me answers I was begging for. She understands autism like no one else I have encountered. She can support and empower you, the parent, to change your child’s life. To change your whole family’s lives.” -Danelle Shouse, Kinsman, IL

“Our son Joseph is our beautiful, bright light and we love him deeply. His autism has caused him to experience severe anxiety. It was very challenging for us to figure out how to calm and help him. We realized we had to be open to alternative techniques for our son, as the traditional options for calming had only taken him so far. Thank goodness we met Marci. She has helped us in so many ways. We all feel so much more connected to our son in much more healthy ways. Her work is absolutely wonderful. I’d recommend Marci to any parent who is searching for how to deeply relate with and understand their child with autism. You’ll be so glad you did!” -PG, Aurora, Illinois

“It was amazing how many things you helped us with in just three days for our son, Max. The instructions, activities and systems you gave us were totally do-able and made sense to us. It was amazing how you helped us see all of Max’s strengths, how much potential and skills he has. That I can be “in charge” when he becomes aggressive and know how to stop him escalating is incredible. Thank you for all of your guidance, it changed all of our lives. -CJ, Utah