How Not-So-Verbal Autistic Children Communicate

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The most beautiful exchanges I’ve witnessed have been between not-so-verbal children and their parents. There is a belief that many autistic children do not want to communicate or socialize, but my experience has been much the opposite. These children have an extreme desire to communicate, but their motor challenges and sensitivity to their environment often block their ability to verbalize. … Read More

Nobody Knew My Nonverbal Autistic Child Could Read, Until He Surprised Everyone

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Sometimes, the cover tells us very little about the story within. These can be some of the best reads. Autistic children, especially those who struggle with speech and motor skills, can appear on the outside to be very disconnected and out of touch. Below the surface though we are discovering that many of these same children have rich inner worlds … Read More

How to Make the Best Autism Parenting Decisions

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Being a parent is overwhelming enough. Being a parent of an autistic child can feel like you’re an astronaut with no formal training. “Alright Marci, you’re going to Mars next week. Here’s 5,000 books on how we think you should do it, and here’s another 5,000 about all the things that can go wrong. Blastoff!” We all know that this … Read More